Frequently asked questions

Supported Services

The following services have currently been defined in the openFinance Workplan 2021:
Account Information extensions:

  • Basic AIS Service (PSD2)
  • Account Entry Push Notifications
  • Extended Consent Management (GDPR)
  • Additional Account Types: e.g. Savings, Loans, Securities
Payment extensions:
  • Basic Payments (PSD2)
  • Reservation of Funds
  • Deferred Payments
  • Request to Pay
  • Pay by Loan (integrated Consumer Loans)
  • SEPA Direct Debit eMandates
  • Integrated ID Data service
Trade extensions:
  • Loan business
  • Securities business (list of stocks, certificates, …)
API Management:
  • Discovery API (Bank Parameter)
  • Client Parameter API
Administration and Registration services:
  • Pricelist API
  • Digital Contract API

Key Characteristics

The openFinance API Framework offers a modern, open, harmonised and interoperable set of Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) as the safest and most efficient way to provide data securely, enabling European banking customers to benefit from innovative products and services (‘Banking as a Service’) by granting TPPs safe and secure (authenticated and authorised) access to their bank accounts and financial data.

  • Modern “RESTful” API set using HTTP/1.1 with TLS 1.2 (or higher) as transport protocol
  • TPP identification by ETSI-defined eIDAS certificates: QWACS mandated (easy measure to protect e.g. against DDOS attacks), QSEALS optional for banks (TPP follows instruction by bank)
  • Building on all NextGenPSD2 AIS, PIS and CoF use cases
  • Third Party Provider access beyond PSD2
  • GDPR compliant consent model beyond PSD2
  • Support of Direct Access for PSUs / Corporates
  • eCommerce support
  • Discovery service to obtain the specific implementation details
  • Multilevel SCA/Corporate Banking support

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