The ChatterBrew Story


There’s an old saying that goes “if you want something done right, then you better chug a whole pot of coffee and hope for the best.” After too many disappointing cups of coffee, ChatterBlast decided it was time to take matters into our own hands. With wisdom beneath our wings, plenty of passion in our hearts, and the vision of a caffeinated world of wonder in our eyes, we set off on a mission: concoct the best coffee known to man, and spread its abundance far and wide.

Allow us to introduce you to ChatterBrew. When we’re not crafting marvelous digital stories for the best brands in the city, we’ve decided to dedicate our free time to revitalizing the mornings of our beloved community of coffee lovers. How, you ask? It’s simple. We bought a plot of land, did our fair share of bean-based research, and decided to get our hands dirty. Literally.


We loaded up a VW van, bought a dozen vintage straw hats, and set off to Swiftwater in the Poconos for the endeavor of a lifetime. Although we were ready to begin our path towards caffeine enlightenment, we discovered more than we could ever imagine. But it was a long road to get there! It wasn’t until mid-summer that we discovered the secret. One that changed our lives and our view on reality forever...

It was an early morning for us at the ChatterBrew farm — rise and grind, as they say. The crew was practicing our daily morning meditation among our crystal garden when the barn began to violently shake. One by one, the dozens of crystals hanging from the creaky loft ceiling ripped from their hemp rope, and began a dramatic descent into our vat of freshly roasted coffee beans.

At first, we assumed it was an earthquake or a strong

gust of wind that caused such a ruckus. But when the beans began to rumble, churn, and radiate a beautiful pink hue, we knew that we were not alone in the barn. And then...he appeared, rising from the coffee beans, first revealing his drooping linen hat, then his scraggly white beard contrasted against his burlap robe.

Sure, we were slightly sleep deprived and had only eaten coconuts for the last few weeks but it was clear that we weren’t hallucinating. We knew this wizard was of no harm to us; in fact, we knew he was here for a reason. It was hard to understand the wizard language at first, but we discovered that we could communicate with him using emojis. He showed us this message:  👨‍👨‍👧‍👧 ➡️ 💎

Aha! He had come to retrieve the crystals that we stole from a small shack down the road. Perhaps we should have heeded the warning: “BEWARE OF WIZARD”. We sheepishly handed over his property, and apologized for causing any harm. He seemed to be in a bit of a hurry, but when he heard we were brewing coffee, he decided to sit and stay awhile.

Turns out our team had more in common with a wizard in the Pocono Mountains than one would assume. Hansel (that’s his real name) is an Eagles fan and he loves a good dance party. Needless to say, we partied all day, exchanged stories all night, and broke down boundaries between humans and wizards everywhere. He even let us keep his crystals in our coffee!


The next morning, Hansel made us coconut lattes and kissed us all goodbye, forever. Although, every time a cool breeze blows, it feels like he’s somewhere near. Waiting just around the corner to whisk us back to the farm for one last song and dance. As you enjoy your first cup of ChatterBrew, we think you’ll sense his whimsical presence, too.

Throughout our yearlong journey to caffeine and crystal enlightenment, we’ve meditated on what it means to be creators in every sense of the word, and consumed an irreversible amount of coffee. Sure, our minds may be forever coffee-logged...but for you, a cherished part of the ChatterBlast family, it’s all worth it.

Enjoy our fresh ground coffee with hints of holiday spices, smooth notes of vanilla, and the familiar warmth of a dark roast. Oh, and crystals! For the non-caffeinated folks, fear not, we’ve enclosed the most delightful hot chocolate made with love, the sweetness of integrity, and rich dark chocolate straight from the CBM farm. Cheers!