Our Team

Meet the brains, brawn, and caffeine-aficionados of the ChatterBrew team. Each person on the ChatterBrew farm has a job that’s irreplaceable, challenging, and meritable.

Evan Urbania Chief Caffenation Officer

Matt Ray-Updated

Matt Ray Director of Wizard Relations

Jackie Kollar Purple Packaging Paper Crinkler

Valerie Hoke Blindfolded Taste Tester: Coffee

Kyle Krajewski Blindfolded Taste Tester: Cocoa

Stephen Tornetta ChatterBrew Farms Tour Guide

Pamela Seaton ChatterBrew Farms Tasting Room Host

Diego Hernandez ChatterBrew Farms Gift Shop Manager

Joe Mineo Senior Billboard Painter

Gianna Leto Morning Meditation Experiential Coordinator

Matt Dennis Coffee Bean Harvester

Kierstyn Schneck Cocoa Bean Harvester


Shivani Desai Souvenir Mug Polisher

Kaley Maltz ChatterBrew Farms Campfire Song Conductor

No open positions at this time. Check back later!